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It isn’t just scientists who can help raise awareness about climate change - we need the power of art to reach hearts and minds! Are you a young artist who wants to make a difference but not sure how to start? In partnership with the Canadian Rockies Youth Network we are proud to launch the Rockies Repeat Youth Climate Challenge.


In this challenge, you will travel via Google Earth to some of our Rockies Repeat painting locations. Then, it is your turn to create. Use a medium of your choice (watercolour, ink, charcoal, etc.) to paint a threatened glacial landscape. This is a great activity to use an interdisciplinary approach to explore themes in climate science in your classroom or with your community group.




Step 1: Book a classroom or community screening of Rockies Repeat to feel the power of the landscape if you have never been there before.

Step 2: Use Google Street View to visit one of our Rockies Repeat painting sites in the Rocky Mountains or click here for an offline version of the activity.

Step 3: Use a medium of your choice to create  your own interpretation of the landscape based on what you see and how it makes you feel.

Step 4: Share your completed work on Instagram using the hashtag #rockiesrepeatyouth and tag @fieldlabfilms and @Canadian_Rockies_Youth_Network

_AVW0466 (1).JPG


Google Streetview Links


Virtual Location 1: Athabasca Glacier 

Virtual Location 2: Lake McArthur

Virtual Location 3: Victoria Lake

Virtual Location 4: Bow Glacier

Virtual Location 5: Wilcox Pass


BONUS links for reference


Historical Reference Photos from Mountain Legacy Project (Columbia Icefield)

Historical Reference Archival Footage  from Library and Archives Canada (Bow Glacier)

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