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“We hiked up from where Catharine had once stood all the way up to where the toe of the glacier is now, and we were all standing there with our art supplies facing the glacier, just taking the wind, and it felt like the dying breath of a beast.”

 - Artist, Emily Beaudoin

Rockies Repeat is a short documentary that grapples with the cultural impacts of climate change in the Canadian Rockies and the importance of sustaining traditions on ancestral lands. The film follows a team of Indigenous and settler artists as they trek into the mountains to reinterpret the work of early Banff painter, Catharine Robb Whyte to see familiar places from new perspectives a century later.

Instead of the timeless vistas captured by Robb Whyte, the artists endure record-breaking temperatures, horizons obscured by wildfire smoke, and an unrecognizable glacial backdrop. They race to capture a disappearing landscape, as climate change threatens the future of the iconic glaciers of the Rockies. Their journey is a heartbreaking meditation on a shifting sense of place.

Image by Phillip Sauerbeck



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Kayla Eykelboom

Kayla is a contemporary landscape artist. You can expect to see a vibrancy in her work that amplifies the natural beauty of landscapes in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Kayla’s goal is to evoke a sense of awe and celebration to the viewer, inspiring those who experience her work to seek adventures of their own. 


Cheyenne Ozînjâ θîhâ

Cheyenne is an artist from the Stoney Nakoda Nation. She works in acrylic and watercolor and is inspired by the geometric shapes and vibrant colours of traditional Sioux designs that are heavily inspired by the powwow culture.  Her work has been exhibited at Calgary’s TRUCK GALLERY and the Gallery Cite in Edmonton, AB.


Ariel Hill

Ariel Hill of AKH Studios is an Indigenous artist hailing from the Six Nations and Wiikwemkoong First Nations. Ariel works primarily in glass blowing and her work is a reflection of the intersection between elements of the natural world and how it relates to human experience. She holds a jewelry certificate from the Kootenay School of the Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Alberta University of the Arts with a major in Glass. Hill is represented by Gallery Merrick (Nanaimo, BC), Project A (Canmore, AB), Guildworks (Bloomfield, ON) and Art First! (Revelstoke, BC).​

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KErry Langlois

Kerry's current body of work is made up of minimalist landscapes and monochromatic paintings. Working primarily in acrylic and resin on birch panel, she is inspired by the haunting beauty and mysterious nature of our Canadian Landscape. 

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Emily Beaudoin

Emily has always been drawn to the mountains. Working mainly with ink and watercolour. The way she sees it, people will only fight to protect the wild places they have a connection to, and if her art inspires even just one person to go outside and want to be a part of the wilderness, she’ll be a happy camper.

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Sikapinakii low horn

Sikapinakii is a two-spirited artist from the Siksika First Nation, they graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts In 2019 with a bachelors of fine arts in drawing. They use a variety of mixed mediums to tell the stories of their identity, indigenous experiences, culture, language, and stories told. Their overall practice aims to educate the non-indigenous about the Blackfoot people in hopes that it will create a comfortable setting for all. This is crucial as a young Indigenous as they have an ingrained purpose to tell their story and the stories of their people.  

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Creative Team

Caroline Hedin

Executive Producer

Caroline Hedin is a Canmore-based director and producer driven to explore the human dimensions of conservation. Her work has appeared on the National
Geographic Blog, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, the Banff Park Museum, and the Toronto Zoo. She is currently a Jackson Wild Fellow.

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Jamie Wensley

Director of Photography

Executive Producer

Jamie leads Rundle Films. He has worked on a series of documentary projects including True West: The John Scott Story. His work for film includes Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2020) and The Revenant (2015).

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AV Wakefield

Executive Producer


Viktoria is a visual artist, photographer and designer.She leads North Grove Creative, a commercial
photography and digital content company.

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Carrie yap


Carrie is the owner and producer of Yap Sister Studio. She also the founder of Tea Parlour YYC.

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